DIY Gold Mercury Vase

I decided to tackle on this DIY gold mercury vase because I was in a bit of a rut trying to find the perfect sized mercury vase for a client.  Most of the ones I found were either way over the budget or it was too small to fit the concept.  Instead, I looked up some DIY options and came up with this.  Overall, I was actually happy with the results and best of all, my client loves it!  Plus, you can customize the amount of gold you want on your vase.  

1. Vases (textured, smooth)
2. Spray Adhesive
3. Gold Leaf Flakes
4. Spray Sealer
5. Brush

Detailed Instructions:
1) Clean your vase with water and wipe clean.
2) Spray adhesive gently into the inside of you vase.  You might need to give it a few squirts to get the whole inside of the vase.  Be careful not to get globs when spraying.  You can avoid this by holding the spray adhesive about 3 inches away from rim.
3) Take a pinch of the gold mercury leaf.
4) Start dabbing or rubbing the gold leaf onto the inside of your vase.
5) I would recommend brushing away excess gold leaf periodically so you can get a better idea of how much gold mercury leaf to put on.
6) Keep going until you finish.
7) Make sure to dump out any excess gold leaf in your vase.
8) Spray the inside of your vase with the spray sealer.
9) Give it a day to dry and rinse the vase with water.  There will probably be a few lose gold flakes and just make sure to rinse it out.  The sealer should hold the gold flakes onto the glass well.

Happy crafting!

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