DIY: Mosaic Hearts Mobile

The other day I was thinking, I should really start sharing some of the crafts that I do with my kids.  Here's one that I did with a little spin of rose gold paint on it.  Also, to get the Valentines decor in.  Happy crafting!

-White Paper Stock (something not flimsy to glue the pieces on)
-Construction paper (your color preference)
-gold paint or scrapbook gold paper

1. Draw three hearts onto your white paper stock
2. Cut out your hearts
3. Start tearing your construction paper into little pieces to create that jagged look.
4. Glue the pieces of torn construction paper onto your hearts until complete.
5. Place string at the back of your heart.
6. Place more torn construction paper to the back of your mobile.  At this point both sides of your mobiel should be covered with construction paper pieces.
7. If you need to, you can trim the edges of the construction paper to give it more of the heart shape.  I left the edges untrimmed to make it have a more jagged effect.

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