DIY: Wine Bottle Candle Holder

Ever since I saw this picture (to the left), which was maybe about 2 years ago, I've always wanted to try to do something with this idea.  The only problem with actually executing it at a wedding is that most venues don't allow an open flame.  Instead of actually doing something with it at a venue, you can easily do it in your own home.  It's simple, cheap, and it has a very effective dramatic look.  This would be perfect any winter themed holiday events.

Down below I did my own version of this idea since I didn't want to collect a lot of wine bottles which would end up as junk later on.  Instead I found a Charles Shaw bottle sitting in my fridge that hasn't been drunk for months and I had a ton of tall candles from my wedding.

2 long candle sticks
1 brush
1 wine bottle (color depends on your preference)
paint (any color depending on your preference, I chose Martha Stewart's Rose Gold)
Optional: Knife

***If the bottom of the candle stick does not fit into the opening of the wine bottle, you can shave off the ending with a knife.  I used a simple butter knife and it was fairly easy to do.  Also, I cut the candlestick in half as I was too impatient to wait for it to melt halfway!  =)***

Step 1: Cut your candle stick to get the desired length you want with a knife.

Step 2: Use your second candle stick and melt the wick onto the wine bottle.  Try to get it all over sides of the bottle to create a more scattered effect.
***The melted sides do not come from the melting candle from the top.  I had to use another candle stick to get the desired effect.  The wick from that second candle stick melted onto the bottle which gave it its effect.

Step 3: If you wish to paint the melted wick on the sides, you can.  If you just want the white color, you can leave it as is.  I like the effect of the rose gold as it adds a little more color to the bottle.

Step 4: Make it look pretty!

By the way, just ignore that ring in the middle of the bottle.  That's from the window reflection.    If you're curious on what those things on the bottom of the bottle, it's the shavings from the candle.  I used the rose gold paint and painted it to add some texture to the table decor.  Below are the candle shavings painted with the rose gold.  It was more so to decorate the table then the bottom.  

Here is the finished product with all of the pieces put together.

Happy crafting!


  1. Love the staging! I'm trying to help my sister with some centerpiece stuff for her wedding, this definitely sparks some ideas!

  2. Thanks! Email me if you need any more ideas! =)


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