DIY Copper Vase

Photo via This Love of Yours

In my organic botanical shoot, my focus was to incorporate a lot of copper elements.  This shoot was a bit tricky because anything made out of copper seems to be extremely expensive.  Of course I had to have copper vases which were inspired by this Pinterest picture I found.  I did happen to find some all the way in Europe, but I didn't want to pay over $100 for just one shipping!  Instead of getting actual copper vases, I decided to make my own.  The copper material was inexpensive as well as the glass vase.  Plus it only took me five minutes to do each vase.  Happy crafting!    

2) Measuring Tape
3) Exacto Knife
4) Glue Gun
5) Cardboard or Cutting mat for cutting
6) Round Glass Vase

1) Measure the height and perimeter of the vase with measuring tape.

2) Use a ruler to draw out where you will be cutting.  Use an exacto knife to cut the copper metal sheet.  Optional: If your copper metal is crinkly, use the ruler to smooth it out.

3) Make sure the copper metal sheet wraps around nicely around the vase.  It's ok if there is some extra that wraps around.

4) Carefully glue the copper metal sheet tightly around the vase.  Make sure you don't put a big glob of glue or else it may show.

5) After gluing, hold the copper metal sheet down for about 10 seconds to make sure it's glued on.

6) Put a plant or some nice flowers in it and make it look pretty!

Photo Via This Love of Yours

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