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I never understood the need for a day of coordinator until I was one.  Of course when you're getting married, you don't know what your day of coordinator is doing because everything they are doing is behind the scenes.  They are trying their hardest to make everything run smoothly.  Even if something goes wrong, they try to make it seem as if everything is going well (at least to the couple).  =)   

On-site coordinators are not enough
Now a lot of you may say, "I don't need one because the venue provides an on-site coordinator."  Yes they are extremely helpful, but they don't take care of the little details.  Oftentimes, the on-site coordinator is extremely busy working with their own staff making sure everything is going well.  Your on-site coordinator already has a lot on their plate and they can only handle so much.  The first wedding I did, the on-site coordinator was giving tours right before the ceremony!  They are really busy people and oftentimes the little details are not going to be taken care of.     

Especially if you have a lot of DIY projects, you definitely need a day of coordinator.  Your on-site coordinator and their staff will most likely NOT set up your DIY projects for free if you ask them to.   Lastly, your day of coordinator will know all the little details on how everything should be set up and placed.  Plus, they are always attentive to your needs throughout the wedding. 

What if I can't afford a day of coordinator?
A wedding day of coordinator can cost anywhere from $800-$3000.  If you know of any friends or family members that are fantastic at organizing events, you can ask them to be your day of coordinator.  Of course if you do, they will literally be working at your wedding the WHOLE time.  If you want your guests to enjoy the wedding, then this option may not be the best.    In addition, there's a lot of prep time that goes into day of coordination (creating timeline, helper duties, vendor contacting, understanding where things go, etc.).  Just because it's called "day of coordinator" really does not mean "day of."  Typically wedding coordinators call this package the month of because it really is going to take at least 10+ hours to prepare for your wedding before the day actually starts.

Typical responsibilities of a day of coordinator:
-Create a detailed wedding timeline (includes assistant duties, vendor duties/arrivals, schedule, things you would never think of, etc.)
-Contact your vendors 2-4 weeks before the wedding
-May help with placing gifts in designated area
-Event set up
-Unlimited advice and helping you keep track a month or two prior to wedding
-Head vendor contact on day of wedding
-Go to person if anything goes wrong
-Keeps you CALM and hopefully stress free.  =)

I hope this article helps and I hope your wedding day is stress free!  Don't be foolish and think you can be the day of coordinator and be a bride/groom at the same time.  ;)  Problems always come up with large events and it's not fun being the one taking care of it.  Your wedding day is the day you relax!

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