Tips: What Brides Often Forget to do on their Wedding Day

On the day of your wedding, your heart is racing, you're running on adrenaline, and people are pulling you left and right to take pictures of just to have a quick chat.  One of the most important things that brides often forget to do is to EAT.  Especially with having a nicely fitted dress where you can somewhat breath, it's hard to eat all at once.  That is why it's extremely important to eat something throughout the day.  This could entail making sure to eat your lunch, eating snacks while getting your hair/makeup done.  Also it's a good idea to eat during the cocktail hour and make sure you try some of the goodies that your venue has!  Plus, if you paid for the food, make sure you get to try some!

Even thought it's important to eat before and during the wedding, make sure to eat something that sits well in your stomach.  For instance if you're lactose intolerant, don't eat anything too cheesy or milky before the ceremony starts.  Just make sure what you're eating is safe.  I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

When snacking, some great snacks to have are things that don't get your hands too dirty.  You don't want to find yourself trying to constantly wipe your hands on something nor get any food stuck in your teeth.  Of course there are so many options to choose from, but below are just a few examples of some great snacks to munch on.

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