DIY Gold Mugs

I would have to say that liquid leaf is my new favorite paint to use.  It's super easy to use and you don't get that stroke look when using acrylic when painting on glass or ceramic.  In addition, if you don't want to spray paint the whole piece, the liquid leaf is great to use for a specific area.  Only thing is it only comes in gold, silver, and copper tones.  If that's what you're looking for, then I would highly recommend this product.  It's a great product but make sure to open your windows when working with it!    You can use this product on anything, but I chose to spruce up my white mugs which I already had laying around.  
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Liquid Leaf
Paint Brush Sponge
Masking Tape (optional)

1. Pour the liquid leaf into a bowl that you can toss later on.
2. Dip the paint brush sponge into the liquid leaf and start painting different strokes.
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3. For the mug on the left, I taped my mug that ran diagonally to the cup.  Once I had the masking tape securely on, I began to paint.  For the mug on the right, I just used my sponge paint brush to make dabs of vertical lines.

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  1. Yes it is waterproof. I've put it in my dish washer and it still hasn't come off. =)

    I just wouldn't recommend putting the gold leaf paint on the areas where food will be in contact or your mouth will be. I use the cup in the left picture for when I do some painting.

    I've seen people use permanent gold marker and I've done that before as well. After washing it comes off though.


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