DIY Tulip Arrangements

I've been looking at different places to find what is in season and it seems that tulips are everywhere.  They are absolutely beautiful and they're a great addition for a bridal shower or even a baby shower.  I decided to go with a crafty appeal for my tulips that I placed in a mason jar that I randomly had laying around.  I hope you enjoy and happy crafting!  Below the pictures and instructions and materials I used to make this simple set up.

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12 Tulips
Mason Jar
Sharp Scissors
Hot Glue Gun

1. Hot glue the beginning of the twine onto your jar/vase (you can start at the top or bottom).  Wrap the twine around the mason jar and at the end hot glue gun the ending.  Make sure to keep the twine nice and tight while you are wrapping it around to avoid gaps.
2. Cut the stems of the tulips at an angle to the desired length you want your flowers to be.  I would suggest googling some directions on how to properly care for tulips as well to make sure they will last longer.
3.  Make your arrangement nice and pretty!  I chose the biggest and my favorite tulip to put right in the middle.  After that I used the other flowers to go around it and tried to balance out the colors nicely.
4.  Add some details to your piece to give it some personality.  I added some green yarn and my Anthropologie chalk jar to give it that crafty flair.  I would recommend a burlap runner underneath this arrangement if you're planning to use this as a centerpiece.

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