Our Master Bedroom and Living Room Space Ideas

You must be wondering why I've been MIA for a couple of weeks.  Well, we recently moved to a new place and am currently thinking of some new ideas for our new place.  If you follow me on pinterest you probably have seen me adding a bunch of for the home pictures.

Hopefully when things get rolling, I'll show you some pictures of the projects I've taken on for our new place.  Here are some ideas that I have!

Living Room Area:
I absolutely love the pop in colors that come from the art pieces, pillows, throws, and rugs.  I also love the idea of having white walls as it gives the room a bit more versatility and light.  It's a bit more eclectic, but wanted to do something more fun in this area.

Master Bedroom:
As you can tell, I've been fascinated over the mint and gold colors.  I want to make our bedroom space a bit more elegant and classy because its a good mesh between our two tastes.  Of course I probably will make it a bit more gender neutral, but here are some lovely ideas.

What do you guys think?

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