What is your 5%?

Every time I get frustrated on where I want to take this business into, I always have to remember to stop and think about what is really important in my life.  In all honesty, anyone can do my job but there's really a 5% part of my life that only I can do for myself.  This includes taking care of my body, my spiritual life, being a wife to my hubby, being a daughter, and building my character.

There are days where I get so caught up in my own wedding world that I often forget the things that are really important.  Sometimes I literally have to tell myself that this morning I am not going to do any wedding things because I need to work on that 5%.  I notice when I lose focus on what's important in life, I just become so wrapped up in my own world that no one else really matters.  When I see myself doing that, that's when I tell myself "You need to stop and refocus!"

As much as I love wedding planning, I still need to remember that my family and physical/spiritual health comes first.  In the end, those are the things that will last, not my career.

What is your 5%?  How do you make sure those things are taken care of?

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