Wedding Pets: Should I Bring Them?

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Over the years that I have been planning events, I have seen more and more couples bringing their beloved furry friends to their events.  With the popularity of having an outdoor ceremony and reception, more venues are open to allowing your pets be on-site with you to celebrate your big day.

Before making a final decision to bring your pet to your wedding, it's important to consider some logistics and most of all the well fare of your pet.

Things to Consider:

Venues & Pets
Obviously, the most important question to ask is if your venue allows pets.  If so, ask them if there are any restrictions or guidelines to bringing your pet.  Also, bring your pets to a site visit so they get familiar with the grounds.  In this way, you can see how they interact with the environment around them.  

Pet Sitter
If you are planning to bring your pet, I would highly recommend hiring a pet sitter.  Whether or not you are letting them stay for the entire event or just the ceremony, it would be great to have this person be in charge instead of one of your guests or family members.  In that way, your guests can fully enjoy your wedding day.    

On the other note, if you are only planning to bring them for a portion of the event, I would consider having the pet sitter pick them up afterwards.   Make sure you come to an agreement with your pet sitter making sure all arrangements needed are made as well.

Pet Behavior
This is the biggest factor to consider whether or not to bring your beloved furry friend.  Pets act differently in different environments and it's important to get a sense of how they interact in a place where there are a lot of stimulation.  Even though your pet may be very calm at home, they may not act the same in a setting with a lot of strangers surrounding them in a new environment.  If they are not used to that type of setting, then you may want to try visiting the venue beforehand or go to a setting that may have a similar environment.  

Pet Accessories
Before placing the cute bowtie or other items on your pet, make sure it's pet friendly and that it will stay on without them mauling all over it within seconds.

If you are having your florist make a floral collar, make sure to let them know the dimensions of your pets neck to ensure the best fit.  Also, if your pets have certain allergies to a particular plant, make sure you let your florist know.

Pet Accommodations
On the day of your event make sure to bring the right items you need to make sure that your pet is well taken care of.  Some things you may need are food, treats, doggie waste bags, leash, water bowl, etc.

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