Watercolor Stationary: Rifle Paper Co Inspired

This past weekend I just needed some time to de-stress from all the hectic things that are going on in my life.  I've learned this weekend to slow down and to just take a break from all the madness that's going on around me.  If I let it consume me, I'll just burn out and go nuts.  That's why I decided to do some watercolor painting.  It was a great way to just relax, have fun, and be creative.  I haven't painted for over 12 years so please mind all my newbie mistakes.  

Anyways, I decided to go with a whimsical art color appeal inspired by the Rifle Paper Co. stationary.  I absolutely love their stationary and wanted to incorporate some of those ideas into what could be used for any event.  
You maybe thinking that this type of artwork looks very familiar.  Well, it's because this was inspired by the Rifle Paper Co. Stationary 2013 calendar.  Since I haven't painted for a LONG time, I wanted to get some watercolor practice before attempting to create a brand new piece.  This was a great way to help me get back in the rut of painting.  
Here is my second piece that I was playing around with.  I love the idea of using the leaf borders to give it that whimsical look.  This was fairly easy to do.  I'm going to try to figure out scanning the image and do some editing on illustrator to create some real table numbers.  That would be nice.  =)
I need to re-do this one, but you get the concept of the Save the Date.  Next time I'll probably do the flowers first and then do the banner.  Especially since I have a cheap watercolor set where the colors aren't as vibrant as I would like it to be, that would help.  
I thought this would be neat in gold lettering, but didn't have that on me so just used a black artist pen for the font.  
That's it for now.  If you want to see my latest work, you can follow me on facebook or my instagram!

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