Flower Pops

I was going to do these for our photoshoot, but it's a bit of a challenge when you're in the middle of the field on a hot summers day.  =)  I ended up just doing some quick snap shots of it at home.  I got the idea from this DIY instructions from Family Fresh Cooking, but tweaked it a bit.  For the liquid I wanted to have a pinkish light color so I used pink lemonade instead and just placed the edible flowers in.  I loved the way the colors came out and it was exactly what I wanted.  Enjoy!

I would suggest getting a popsicle mold that's more rectangular in shape and has a fairly large surface area so you can see the color contrasts between the frozen liquid and flower petals.  Also, make sure to use the small popsicle sticks.  I had jumbo sized ones laying around but they were too bulky for my liking.  

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